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Shania Twain and Drake

Read Testimonials for Our Canadian Voice Academy

At Canadian Academy of Vocal Music, it is an honour to help students develop the gift of song and music. If you were a former student, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us and share your experience with our website visitors.

Immensely Appreciative

"I appreciate immensely all the help Ian gave me in my formative years as a teenager in developing my vocal abilities." - Shania T.

Enabled Me to Enjoy My Talent Even More

"When I came to the Academy of Vocal Music I had the passion for singing, but no technique. Ian taught me how to sing properly and enabled me to enjoy my talent even more." - Joyce F.

I Can Now Sing for Hours & Not Miss a Note

"I performed in choirs and bands since I was a kid, and I had the chronic problem of losing my voice after performances. With the techniques Ian has taught me, I can now sing for hours and not miss a note." - Rosaleen O'M.

Now Making Plans to Meet a Nashville Record Label

"I dreamed of being a songwriter my whole life, and Ian has given me the connections needed to make it. I now have plans to meet a record label in Nashville and I have never been more excited!" - Michael G.

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