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Canadian Academy of Vocal Music: Singing Lessons for Oakville, Toronto & Mississauga

Train with Shania Twain’s vocal coach at the Canadian Academy of Vocal Music. Located in Mississauga, Ontario, our voice academy provides advanced vocal training for a range of genres, including classical, opera, and pop. Call us today to sign up for your singing lessons in Toronto!

Singing Lessons in Oakville for All

Courses are open to every age, from school children to seniors, as well as every walk of life. So, no matter if you’re a doctor, lawyer, housewife, chorister, rocker, or Broadway-bound, you are invited to take your skills to the next level with singing lessons in Mississauga.

Beyond theory and singing lessons, Canadian Academy of Vocal Music also helps prepare students for demo tapes, pre-performance jitters, and skills promotion.

Your Connection to the Music Industry

In today’s competitive vocalist field, it takes more than a great voice to make it as a professional. Canadian Academy of Vocal Music can help you connect with:

  • Talent Agencies
  • Agents
  • Managers
  • Record Producers
  • Songwriters
  • Industry Insiders

About Our Founder

Ian Garrett has worked with students of all ages and abilities; from those just starting out to the most celebrated singers. Over the Academy’s 36-year history, Ian Garrett and Canadian Academy of Vocal Music have become a musical tradition across North America as well as internationally. Many of his former students have found great success due in large part to Canadian Academy of Vocal Music’s singing lessons in Mississauga.

Develop Your Vocal Skills with Singing Lessons in Toronto

Regardless of your vocal skill level, Canadian Academy of Vocal Music will work with you to develop, sharpen and refine your vocal skills through our singing lessons in Oakville. We are committed to helping you achieve your singing-related goals through one-on-one coaching and individual attention. Please give us a call today to get started!

Launch Your Singing Career

Through Canadian Academy of Vocal Music’s singing lessons in Mississauga, you will find an excellent launching pad for your music career. Our founder, Ian Garrett, will work with you to ensure you sound like a true professional when performing in front of a live audience.

My Only Formal Training, with Ian Garrett

Ian with Shania Twain who received singing lessons from us in Mississauga

"My Mother had contacted Ian Garrett... a fantastic classical singer and a kind, enthusiastic voice teacher, Ian would prove to be helpful more than once in my youth… One exercise after the other, drill after drill of scales, breathing, combinations, interval gymnastics, pronunciation, repetition.... and I was physically exhausted after each lesson… At the end of each lesson, Ian would relax the mood, I think sensing my itch to sing with less instruction and allow me a freestyle vocal exercise for which I could choose a song from a pile of his sheet music."

- Shania Twain, from her autobiography titled “From this Moment On"

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